5 Things To Increase Craft Fair Sales in Your Business

  1. This is good stuff! Especially since I’m at the point where I find myself trying to decide if markets/fairs will be a good fit for my brand and the customers I am aiming for. I have currently been attending these fairs for that reason- to get the inside scoop. Awesome post.

    • Taryn Jerez says:

      You are moving forward with such amazing things my friend! Once you find the best market to try as a first go for your business you will learn so much. Being in person with customers is always beneficial event if the sales portion doesn’t come out the strongest for an individual market.Just holding small conversations with people as they shop your booth is free market research. You have a huge opportunity to engage with them and ask questions etc. I would love to hear if you sign up and how it goes. If you are looking around at which one is right for you check out another post I did recently to help you decide. https://onecraftymiss.com/5-questions-to-ask-before-signing-up-for-a-craft-show-or-flea-market/

  2. John McSherry says:

    Location is everything, but not necessarily the venue. In Ohio, craft shows lack the attention, because everyone builds. We’re all mechanically inclined. But it’s expensive to haul all our goods to the big city, where it’s more appreciated. A quality dinner table table may weigh 300+ pounds, costing $700, far too heavy to transport in a small city car. And who can navigate a moving van through city streets, if I agreed to deliver. Crafts shouldn’t be confused with fine furniture, made from real wood. Most buyers are oblivious when it comes to quality. That’s why I don’t attend craft shows. I cut and dry my own lumber. Many of us have to compete with the Amish, who are master builders in their own wright. Quality is paramount. So what is a craft show anyway, if it’s just a distraction or tourist trap?

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